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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Queen Esmeralda, of Galapgos' Hidden Isle

They say there is a Princess fair,
With long blond locks- or short dark hair.
None have ever glimpsed her clear,
But we know princess Esmy's there.

Her hidden dark mysterious ways,
Beguile those who seek to praise.
You’ll never know just where she's at,
But that she's there - no one can spat.

She rules the great Galapagos isle
With iron fist and charming smile.
And though you may travel for many a mile,
To win her audience, you must stand trial.

The test to enter her royal court,
Demands a noble, pure, true heart.
An eye that seeks goodness, that’s hidden inside,
A heart that brings harmony, to where there was strife .

And still the bravest warriors fall,
When onto her highness they have called.
Because they did not love her true,
But sought her favors without due.

So listen, knights and naves alike,
Heed my wise and true advice!
If 'tis Queen Esmeralda’s you seek to know,
You must be prepared to show
A noble heart that's brave and true,
Loves kindest words and gestures, too.

If you do this, and she proves you true
Then with open arms she'll welcome you.
And you'll see wonders, like you’ve never seen,
Angels dancing with gossamer wings,
And every wonderful enchanted thing,
Purple mountains, aglow in sunset pink,
The waves, as they crash and thunder,
And roil, with echoes of the deep.
And the sweetest, dearest, most restful sleep.
All for winning the favor
Of Galapagos’ hidden queen.

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