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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crept up through the drain

Crept up through the drain...

This morning when I woke the dawn
To do the stuff I do,
Like study, pray, dress kids, pack food
And straighten up each room,

I noticed something different
Something very new
I felt like you were hugging me
Although It can't be true.

It felt like softest butterflies
fluttering all about
Showering me with kisses, warm
All inside and out!

And when i got inside the car
To drive them all to school,
I felt warm hands upon my sleeve
So gentle, just like you!

I wondered if I'm going nuts
Is this what crazies do?
Or does true love cross space and time
To touch the hearts of fools?

Perhaps it is a bit of both
Perhaps I am insane
But I think love snuck in, back- door
(Or crept up through the drain.)
In any case...,
Love entered through some hiding place
And took over my brain!

I know just how my true love feels,
My soft and strong kind boy
Cuz when he's there my world lights up
With hope and faith and joy!

I'll never know if you sent hugs
Or if I am insane,
But this I know, and know for sure:
I hope you send me more!
( Of the same.)

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