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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Banana Fudge

When you find me in a pile
Of broken glasss and paper trash,
And old brown leaves
from last year's trees,
You'll know just what to do;

Scoop me up
And throw me down
Into the compost heap that's round

The back behind the old wood fence,
It doesn't make much difference,
What gets piled in top of what,
Garbage a little, garbage a lot...

What matters is you did your job,
And now I'm in a great big blob,

Of decaying crud that smells like mud,
And looks like old banana fudge.

Don't pay much mind,
Nor spend your time
Thinking on what happens,
Over the course of time

To trash that sits all in a pile
Of your backyard, after a while;
The compounds all disintigrate,
The bonds that tie them liberate,

And that energy gets released,
Creating sources of new heat
Which accelerates the changing rate
At which matter dissipates.

And let's you know with one small whiff
That things are changing, it's as If
The compost pile has come to life,
Transforming before your very eyes

Into a life form ( yes, it stinks,)
But so much potential energy
Can be turned into a tree,
Or a botanic garden, green
With flowers that you've rarely seen.

So go ahead and toss me
Into your backyard heap,
Don't worry about what happens to me,
Nor lose your beauty sleep.

But don't be surprised
When you go outside,
And spring has arrived
And I've moved on.

And you're lovely pile of mud is gone,
Likewise your trash heap too,
The trash that's been there for so long
Just vanished into the blue.

And suddenly you look next door,
And gasp! Oh, what a shock,
Someones found me, all alone
And taken me from out back.

And now I'm a lovely daisy bed
All dotted with purple and white,
With a gorgeous beautiful potted plant
Bathing in sun's golden light.

And all my beauty, strength and grace
Those gifts you could not see,
Have blossomed and transformed into
This garden I call " me."

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