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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Me in You

The me in you

Do you know how sad it is,
To find the one you love,
Just to have him tell you that
You're just not good enough?

Not good enough for gentle words,
Not good enough for peace,
Not good enough to care about
Even if you bleed.

Perhaps you've never loved someone
As much as I have done,
So much that when they say "go-way!"
You turn around and run.

And spend long lonely starless nights,
Wishing they were here,
While in your heart you hold them tight,
And whisper in their ear:

"I know that you still love me, dear,
'Know how I know it's true?
Cuz deep within my loving heart
There’s a part of you!"

And just as waters show the things,
From which a man can’t hide,
The heart of one who loves his friend,
Can see what’s there, inside:

Those things that have no rhyme or sense,
That whispered hearts confide,
About how neither space nor time
Shall ever them divide.

So if you wonder how I know
This love I feel is true,
Just look inside your inner heart...
And ask the me in you.

It's true.

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