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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dini Minie Miney Moe

Dini Minie Miny Moe

Happy birthday to you, my sweet Dini Girl,
Here’s something that you ought to know;
It’s been one of my best most incredible gifts
Just watching you blossom and grow.

Happy Birthday to you, my sweet darling rose,
You’re all that a mother could want,
You charming and funny and oh so, so dear,
(And your squash kugel sure hits the spot!)

I’m sending you blessings and love on this day,
I don’t know the words to convey,
How happy and proud you make this mother feel
Even from so  far away!

I know that sometimes we might disagree,
And we don't  always see eye to eye,
But I promise you this, from the depths of my heart;
 I know that your usually right.

Thank you for being the kind of real girl
Who can stand on her feet and say “No.”
When there’s something you don’t like, or don’t feel is alright,                                        
You don’t hide the truth ( as we all know!)

Your sense of pizazz is amazing and fresh
Your style’s like nobody else,
You’re bold and demure all at once…let me guess;
You’re my daughter, oh how did I guess?

My wish for you Dini, on this special day,
Is a year filled with wonder and joy,
Happiness, friendship and lots of good grades,
Extra money to buy a few toys.
(And maybe, just maybe, you could possibly consider
Dating some nice  Jewish boys….?)

I love you, I love you, my Dini, my girl,
I love you to bits, and some more !
If I had you here close I would squeeze you so tight,
You’re the sunshine that lights up my world!!

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, your always in my heart
My Dini, my  jalapeno pepper-
Remember each day, that your mommy  adores you,
And wouldn’t trade for ‘nothin, Not EVER!!

(Each day I love you, better and better! )            
Happy Birthday Dini’leh-
You make me sooooo proud!

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