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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Man on the moon

I'll meet you on the moon...

Do you know I miss you so,
Each time the moon shines bright,
Or when the sun streaks orange pink,
'Cross purple sunset skies?

Do you know I send my love
Up to the moon so bright,
And pray you catch it in your hands,
To hold all through the night?

When you’re away I toss and turn,
It's hard to sleep in peace,
So I keep looking up to see
If our moon
Still shines on me,
At least I'll have some company.
The night is long, and so lonely,
And so I tip toe cautiously,
To my window, anxiously,
I part the curtains, for to see...

Oh! There! I spy him, big and bright!
He’s watches over me through the night
His presence is a welcome sight.

I look to see if I can see
What moon sees
Looking down on thee.
And maybe a small glimmer of
The "looking" of the one I love,
(Perhaps you also look up high
To see what I see, in the sky?)
I lay my head back close my eyes,
And dream of holding you so tight.

But here I am, and there you are
As far away as Zanzibar!
Yet in my heart I'm in your arms,
When here meet, like men on mars

I jump into your crater car,
We drive and drive so very far,
And no one knows where 'er we are,
We stop for drinks at Pluto Bar,
And puff round smoke rings from cigars.

I'll meet you here, where ever you are,
If you’re near or if you’re far,
You don't need a rocket car
Just look up when the moon is high,
And so will I, my deary-pie

You won't need tons of rocket fuel,
Or fancy space gear, or power tools,

Just close your eyes, and open your heart,
Let love lead the way
To a faraway star.

I'll wait for you there,
If you're near or you're far,
On this full midnight moon,
Under heaven's bright stars.

I'll wait for you dear,
When the moon shines so bright,
(Take as long as you need, love,
I'll be here all night!)

Good night, dear one, good night.

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