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Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'll always call you "friend."

I guess that you must hate me now
And think that I'm a witch
A gnarly wrinkled, nasty cow
Annoying, stubborn ....itch.

Oh my, Oh dear, what can I do
If this is how it goes,
(There's probably some truth to this,
Some things that I should know.)

But even if I am these things,
And surely I may be,
There is just one thing I can say:
My heart loves none but thee.

And deep inside my inner soul
This little bird soars free,
Not weighted down with sadness, hate,
neither blame nor jealousy.
And this you also know of me:

In every rose I see God's grace,
...The ocean roars his might,
I fee his love in sun's warm rays,
His faith lights up my night.

And if I need to leave you friend,
And can no longer hold you tight,
I'll leave you with sweet words of love,
To hold you through long nights.

And late at night when the world is asleep,
Just the stars hear me murmur and sigh
"Hang on, my love, be brave and strong;
And everything will turn out right!"

And they hear my whispered heartfelt prayers,
"Please watch o'er my previous dove
And please, dear God, send peace and light
And bless the one I love."

(And if someone tries to hurt me,
Or break me all in half,
I try to answer back with grace
I try to make them laugh!)

So if you need to hate me now,
To prove that you're a man,
Please know that I'm not all that bad,
Please, try to understand,

That I am human, just like you,
We have our highs and lows
It's part of His amazing plan,
To help us learn and grow!

And so...

Please send me, dear, one gentle thought
( No matter where or when)
And I'll send you my kindest thoughts
And always call you " friend."

For ever 'n ever,

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