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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Find Me

Please Find me where I'm hidden,
Look for me when I am gone.
Seek my spirit in the mountain clefts
With the first light of dawn.

Like an eagle, winging swiftly
Over heavens and blue seas,
I long to soar above this world,
Of divisiveness and grief.
And endless is my yearning  
For goodness, strength and peace.

Please carry me over mountain tops
When strength I have no more,
To bear the pain of wasted love,
And the wanton loss of war.

Then lay me down upon G-d's earth,
Beside this mountain stream,
Let wild flower grow over me,
As I drift in peaceful dreams.

Then, if you wish to find my spirit,
High upon this cliff you'll climb,
Behold majestic mountain range,
Where heaven and earth entwine.

You'll hear my sighing in the wind,
My laughter in the stream at play,
You’ll feel the warmth of my loving touch
In sunlight’s golden rays.

I was never here to stay,
But a spirit passing by,
An eagle soaring o'er mountain tops
On its way to Gods blue sky.

Good bye

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