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Monday, July 15, 2013

...Since We Danced In Sprinklers

Wherever has  your dear heart gone  
 How  long's it been, my friend,  
Since we danced in  sprinklers 
Or built castles in the sand? 

Can you still remember 
When next birthday took too long! 
The feel the grass   between our toes, 
Big raindrops on your tongue?  

Remember how we  lay awake, 
To watch the moon, so far, 
And  heard the nighttime angel
Whisper secrets, to the stars? 

Or the pleasure of surrender  
To oceans cold  embrace, 
Becoming one with sand and sun,
And sky, with each new  waves? 

When spring time,  friends, and lazy days  
Were life's exquisite pleasures,  
When "love" was  God's  most sacred  word, 
And I, your  hidden treasure? 

We stayed  up late  to watch the sun 
Kiss yesterday goodnight,
 Exploding in a symphony of 
Crimson, gold and white . 

Remember how your heart leaped 
Just to hear me call  your name? 
And when my hand,  laid soft in yours, 
Still  took your breath away? 

Wherever has  your  dear heart gone  
 How long's it been, my friend,  
Since we danced in  sprinklers 
Or caught sun rays in our hand? 

Where ever has your sprit flown,
The one that I adored ?   
In dreams, I search, and don't give up, 
Until it's found, once more.




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