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Monday, July 15, 2013



Who are you, my busy friend, 
When all your work  is  done ,  
And  you're with left nothing but an empty page? 

Wherever can you  go when
All your dreams have been erased
And all your small  arrangements
Are  replaced? 

What's that song that's playing 
Underneath the over- tones?
And who's the one who's praying 
When your heart's  as  cold as stone? 

Does love include  the boogyman
That's hiding in your head? 
Can God  redeem you from the depths 
And heal you with His  bread?  

Show me all the roses 
That encircle planet earth,
I'll take you  where  your spirit dwells 
In tunnels named re-birth.

Find me where I'm hiding 
In between  the rows of corn; 
 I'll sing for you with all my  heart
And watch , as you are born.  

What do you do, 
When all your deeds  are done 
And  you're down to one half- melted    ice cream cone? 

Who  are you when all 
Your dreams have been erased?  
Your  nothing, and your everything 
At once .

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