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Monday, July 15, 2013

Golden Haired Mermaid

The Golden  Haired Mermaid 

Diddle de dandy, 
skittle-dee  do, 
Let's  pirate a ship   
To an island lagoon

Skittle- dee dandy, 
dittle de - do,
 I'll dance  on the  waves 
While you fiddle a tune

'Once was a maiden 
With blue eyes, so fair ,  
And  bright ribbons  wrapped 
 'Round her fine  golden hair 

( To go to the seaside, 
Her mother  forbade,  
Lest  she return home   -
A golden haired maid.) 

But girls will be girls 
And alas,  this one, too
Skiddle  de dandy, 
Dittle  de do

'Scaped  she   to the seaside 
One bright diddle- day, 
To seek  three young  mermaids  
'All wishin' to play, 

They  rode on great waves,  
And dove down to the  deep, 
They  played all day long 
Till that  Lass   fell  asleep - 

And when she awoke 
What a sight!  She had scales! 
'All glistening, shining  
Upon a great tail. 

With a  quick glance behind,  
And a flap of her fin, 
That Lass  dove right in.....
And was 'ner seen again. 

Diddle dandy 
skittle-dee  dee
Let's swim to where mermaids  
Live deep, under sea

Skittle- dee dandy, 
diddle de - do,
Let's dance on the waves  
While I fiddle this  tune.  


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