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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oh my! Oh me!

Oh my oh me, 
I need to pee, 
While curled up here, 
So sleepily. 

Deep down inside 
My cozy bed, 
The covers pulled 
Over my head.

It's so unfair! 
I clutch my hair, 
How much cold
Can one girl bear? 

1000 miles 
From here to there.
I have to pee, 
(I don't care where.) 

Did someone nosy,  
Move the John, 
While I lay dozing, 
Before dawn? 

It used to be 
Across the room, 
But now it's somewhere 
On the moon. 

And, the longer that I lay 
In bed, and ponder, in this way, 
The farther that this special place 
Recedes deep, into outer space, 

So, quickly now, 
I must rise up, 
Be brave and strong! 
Suck in my gut! 

(Oh! That was not 
Too smart of me
I think that I 
Just popped something...) 

I turn to God, 
For strength, and hope, 
An angel speaks 
"Do you REALLY need to go?

Remember child, 
Time heals all." 
I curl into 
A tighter ball. 

Perhaps if I
Go back to sleep, 
I'll wake up from 
This yearning dream.

A dream filled full 
Of hopeful wishing, 
That I could be 
Gently pishing.

But, alas, 
Cruel fate, is mine, 
The spirit wills 
(T'would be divine.) 

As thoughts encircle, 
Plans of tryin'
Here in bed, 
I'm sadly lyin'. 

I can do this! 
Yes, of course; 
Now.... concentrate 
And Use the Force....

Relinquish need 
Relax and breath, 
(Just not too much, 
and not too deep!) 

It's all about focus, 
-Forget hocus-pocus-
When mind's over matter, 
There IS no more bladder 

Now my belly 
Start to ache, 
The pee is creeping
To my face. 

And if I don't get out of bed,
It's gonna creep into my head, 
And when I go, it shall be said- 
"She used her eyes to pee, instead." 

Oh my oh mee, 
I need to pee, 
While curled up here, 
So sleepily. 

I want to go,
I want to stay, 
Oh! What a way 
To start my day. 

My heart is here
My heart is there, 
Too bad I can't be 

Here goes, 
I think I better run, 
So long, my friend, 
It's been real fun.

For parting ways, 
The time has come.

I dash there, fast! 
To find another, 
Got there, first...
Ain't life a bummer? 

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