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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rainbow Pops

Rainbow Pops

If I were there I'd make you tea 
With honey and some crumbly  cake, 
Then tell you tales of  pretty fishies 
Swimming in a mountain lake.

And put on great big sunglasses,
With Lady Gaga shoes, and then 
I'd dance a fancy cha-cha,  
Like a dancing, prancing, barnyard Hen...

( Until  I laugh so hard that I 
Just can't dance anymore-
Cuz if I do then there's a chance, 
I could  pee on the floor.) 

If I were there I'd throw away 
Those silly purple packs of ice, 
And give you lots of rainbow pops
With red and orange wavy stripes.

To put on where it hurts the most,
Until it feels all cold and nice,
(And one to lick, until the stick, 
After your chicken soup, with rice.) 

I hope you get well, super quick,
Cuz it's no fun when you are sick! 
Feel good! Feel good! Feel good real soon! 
Then call me on the telephoon- 

'Cause since your there and I am not, 
(And you hate sympathy, a lot!) 
I'll simply say, right on the spot: 
Please know, that I forgot-you-not. 

-Cause you're the center of the dot-
It's true, my dear, so doubt it not, 
Your all the notes inside my song, 
Get well! Get well! Don't take so long! 

Cause you're the center of the dot, 
That's why I can forget you not! , 
You give the  rhythm to my tune, 
So please, my friend, get well real soon! 

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