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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Seashell

I found a seashell on the shore,
All swirly, pink and white,
As I went walking by the sea, 
One starry, summer's night 

Recalling all my journeys, 
And the far lands that I've seen,
The hopes that bore me through the lonesome
Ocean of my dreams. 

And all the ways that knowing you, 
Have made me who I am; 
Blessed to see God's wonders
In the sea, and in the sand.   

You taught me to take notice, 
And attend to small details, 
Like the tiny lines and grooves that mark
This shell, that held a snail.

And how to listen for the song, 
Inside what people  share, 
To hear the rush of silent tears, 
Behind their walls of fear. 

While faithfully remembering,
That elegance, and grace, 
Are proven when we're called to sail,
Life harsh, uncharted waves. 

And now, my dear, that you have flown,
And I'm left on the shore, 
I'll seek your spirit, in the stars, 
And the small things you adored; 

The sky ablaze, in red and gold, 
Where heavens kiss the land, 
A seashell, swirled with pink and white, 
That I found you, in the sand. 

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