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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just Imagine!

Oh! How absolutely strange 
This life shall someday be, 
When days and nights, no longer are
Consumed with unslept sleep. 

Imagine falling into bed
Without encyclopedia head. 

And  zillion of stickies 
All pink, green and blue 
Crammed full with reminders 
Of things I must do.

And piles of  articles,
Waiting review.

For PowerPoint slide shows  
To write and present, 
On the history of OTA's
Next  president.

Or three major tests, 
To show all that I know 
'Bout  muscles and motions 
That wiggle your toe.

And how to get babies,
To roll, creep and crawl 
And using otolithic organs      
To prevent a fall!  

Say, have you ever woken up 
Wholly shaken, in a sweat,
Relieved that it was just a dream 
And trying to forget, 

That moment,  in your deep, dark dream; 
It's finals,now?! You want to scream, 
As Dr. Doom-stein hands you one 
That's printed  in Chinese?!

Or dreaming that as you arrive, 
All breathless, Monday morn', 
Your caught off guard to find out 
That today it is your turn-

To lecture about topics 
That you haven't ever learned, 
Like taping, splinting, casting, fixing, 
Dyskinetic worms! 

And how to make cool sock aids  
For some big, tall astronauts, 
Who fly 'up to the moon, and then
Can't  reach their space-suit socks!) 

Just imagining such a night, 
When I lay down to sleep, 
My dream all  pink and peachy cream   
Like cozy, cuddly sheep....

I think I'll sleep a zillion years 
And wake up in the spring 
To smell the roses all abloom
And hear the Robin sing:

"Wake up! Wake up now, sleepy head!  
It's time to have some fun.
Your patients wait, now don't be late, 
Your work has just begun! 

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