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Monday, December 9, 2013


Gone are all the restless cares 
That kept me from the sea 
Swept with out a trace into 
The endless starlit dream. 

And all of my illusions 
Fall, like snowflakes in a heap, 
Without a sound, collapsing in
A cascade of debris.

Until there's nothing left except 
The very heart of me. 

And everywhere I look around, 
As far as eye can see, 
Roaring darkness beckons to 
Engulf me in it's stream. 

As rushing waves, crash hard, 
Against the seawall, through the night, 
' Till sunrise burns the morning sky,
Devouring the night. 

And deep within this empty-scape 
A seagull's piercing cry, 
Winging towards eternity, 
If only I could fly. 

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