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Friday, August 16, 2013



Dear God, though I may  never more 
Be held in love's embrace, 
Please, let me give, without reserve,   
Let kindness light my face.

And though I never more may drink, 
From  love's sweet, gentle cup, 
Please grace my lips , with words that fit, 
Like two soft  turtle doves. 

And if these broken wings  shan't  ever
Lift me to the sky,
I'll rend the very  heavens,  with
One broken  hearted  cry.

And if this broken heart of mine 
Shall ever more be broke, 
I"ll give each broken  piece away, 
To make another whole. 

And God, If in your wisdom,  
You've  decreed I die alone, 
Please bury me high on a cliff, 
To see the shores  of home. 

But  if in your great mercy, L-rd, 
You've granted me  more time, 
I vow  to dance, to laugh, and love , 
To spread my wings and fly. 

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