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Friday, August 16, 2013

Looking Glass Eyes

Looking glass eyes

What do you see
When you look into these eyes-
A woman who is brave and strong
Compassionate and wise?

A woman who has laughed, and cried, 
And struggled,  to bring  life?
Protecting everything she loves-
No matter what the price?

Or do you see your fears reflected 
in these pools of green; 
The hopes and dreams that slip away, 
The losses you still  grieve?

What do you see when you look into 
A mirror to your soul?
A broken window on the past, 
Or the half, that makes you whole?

Can you find, by searching for
Yourself, upon some distant shores?
And yet, you  wander, more and more…
Forsaking all  you once stood for…
Stop searching, friend, and you shall find
Your  wholeness, laughter, joy, and light
And all that makes you  kind and wise....
Reflected in ...two bright green eyes.

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