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Monday, August 19, 2013

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

When I die, 
Please,  bury  me, 
Underneath a cherry  tree, 
And I shall  blossom with each spring- 
And scatter my loveliness, free.

When  time, it   comes,  
Weep  not, dear one, 
But know that I am free- 
To part the skies, with wings spread wide, 
And to cross the vast blue seas.

And in the springtime, every year,
When white gives way to green, 
You'll  sit beneath my outstretched arms 
As  I shower you with pink.

Then close your eyes and run your hands, 
All through   the petal covered deep, 
And in my  soft, pink  fragerant bed,
You'll lay   your   head to sleep.    

And  in your  dreams, you'll  hear my laughter, 
Dancing   on the   the hills, 
Singing  sweet as silver bells, 
"My love, I love you still!" 

Please,  keep me warmly in   your heart, 
All through  the ice and  rain; 
For  when the frozen earth relents, 
Each spring,  I'll bloom again.   

When I die, love, 
Bury me
Underneath a  cherry  tree, 
That I may  blossom  with each spring- 
And scatter my loveliness, free. 

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