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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Tale of Sir Edward The Great

Sir Edward the Great

Gather Round dear welcome guests, 
'Tis my honor to  regale
This hall with a recounting,
Of  the Great  Sir Edward's tale.

Sir Edward ruled the British Isle,
His  might renown  over many a mile.

His valiant conquests 
Were sung in  far  halls, 
Brave nobles  revered him...
(since they  were quite small.)

And now for the recounting 
 Of Great Sir Edward's tale, 
And all the  hapless  victims he 
Did wantonly   impaled.

Though  merciless and slowly 
Did he stab  them through the  heart, 
Not  a victim of Sir Edward's 
Ever wished him to depart!

( For, While ancient lore 
 Boasts tales of gore; 
Blood curdling screams of doom- 

Sir Edwards victims always  begged " Return Oh, Lord.  - please-  soon! " ) 

Perhaps it was his big strong  heart
Perhaps some sorcerers trick- 
But if you ask Sir Edward's foes, 
They'll  claim  his....magical stick.

Now if ye list'ners wish, 
To measure Sir Edward's worth
Measure him not in  length or height
But in nobility, strength and girth.

Ye maidens all a-blushed; 
Wan cheeks,  pale as the moon, 
Hide not , nor cast your eyes aside- 
Nor cry, nor faint or swoon.

'Tis fact; ye dream  of a noble death
At the hands of a mighty Lord, 

Like Edward the  Great, 
For whom maidens all wait

To be slain with his great mighty ...sword. 

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