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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pink Stripes In Your Hair

Oh! What a strange conundrum, 
that you can't escape the box,
Of those  confusing rules of    love 
It's quite  a paradox! 

You say you want to hold me, and
To gaze into my eyes,
Yet all the words I whisper 
 In the dark, to you are  lies,

You tell yourself you'll never
Be entrapped by these  again,
And so you choose your empty box ,
A fair trade;  pain for pain

And all you want is to be loved; 
To  know how much you're  worth, 
Yet   save   your love, with frugal care, 
To give the   cold brown earth.

And cry out with indignity
" Can't someone see I'm here?"
While hiding in the lost and found 
With Pink stripes in your hair

Impatiently awaiting  all the  love
You know is there,
If only, oh, just only,
You pretend that   you don't care.

But deep inside you're wondering
Just why love runs away,
As you chase away each  butterfly,
That  shows she  might just  stay.

And tells you that she needs you,
And she's waiting for your call,
"you're choking me!" you cry aloud,
" I cannot breath at all!"

Retreating quickly to your box,
You bolt the door and turn
The locks,
Then hide your head between your knees,
Repeating over, endlessly
" It  cannot be, It cannot be.."

And scream out to eternity
"Can't someone see, and set me free?"
While from the start,  you hold the key,

And when you Find it, finally,
Buried under much debris,
You find  inscribed, in  plain gold leaf: 
" just let it be,
 just let it be."

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