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Sunday, October 30, 2011



You scream and cry
 And pound your fists,

The rain pours down
And melts my kiss.

 Your eyes are blurred
With loss and grief,
 With salty screaming tears,
 like thieves,

That steal your vision,
Fill your heart,
 Until there's nothing
 Left apart.

And I, like all things,
 Fade away,
 Into the dark
 That ends your day.


 " I'm here," I shout,
Over the storm,
"Can't you see me?
Take me home!"

 Thunder rumbles
 'Round your head
 Lightening strikes
And I lay dead.

 And as my spirit
 Takes last flight,
 I whisper gently,
"You were right."


And there did you stay, there, completely alone

Holding my  hand that was cold as a stone

Wondering why  being right felt so wrong.

And asking yourself Is the prize worth the cost?
And where is  your heart,

Now that nothings been lost?

And now that you've won,

Shouldn't everything  change?

As again you choke  helplessly

Drowning in  shame.

Wondering  in circles,

Around the last fight,

Trying hard to remember

Just what made you right.

And  knowing you'd traded

Compassion for pride;

Made sweet love to  your self,

 As I faded from  sight.

And the horror engulfed you

'Till you couldn't  breath,

Gasping,  desperate for meaning,

You dropped to your knees.

 Crying  out to the heavens

With  heart rending  screams,

 Over and over,

With ragged torn dreams.

Until  grief had   broken

Your head open wide,

And an ocean of  tears

Did rush  out like a  tide.

When finally   empty,

Purged of  false pride

Your eyes beheld truth

'Neath  the  desperate lies.

And your heart simply melted,

Flowing out through each eye,

And you fell to your knees

Begging stars  moon and the sky.

Groping  for reason

Far  greater than this,

You found peace in complexity,

Truth, in my kiss.

And slowly I stirred

Waking up from deep sleep,

Reaching out  to  the hand,

That was reaching for me.

I look in the eyes

As deep as  the sea

And saw, for the first time,

The man who sees  me.

You're  the one that  I've longed for

the man from my dreams

 As I draw you  inside,

And exhale. I'm  complete.

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