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Thursday, May 31, 2012

 Cinderella Salmonella

( Sung to the tune of "Jingle Bells") 

Wash your hands, wash your hands
Each time you use the loo,
Or Cling-ons can contaminate
Your surfaces and  food

E. Coli is a little bug
That cows have in their  gut,
If some gets inside your food
You'll bloody poop  a lot

Watch that chopped meat,
Wash your eggs and pasteurize your milk,
Alphalpha sprouts and lettuce heads
Can cause e.coli chills

If two weeks have passed and then                                          e. coli 
There's fever aches and pains,
Weakness, cramping, and fatigue
It might just be   Hep   A.

Raw meat, poultry fish and  eggs
To these you should say "no!"
If you want to not get sick,
First bake that cookie dough!

Beauty, grace and fragile shoes
All go with Cinderella,
But  Fever, nausea belly  ache
Can come from   Salmonella.

Jacuzzi  pools can be so cool
Unless some unclean fella
Climbed  inside to shared with you
A bit of his shigella

Flies are vectors for this bug
They go from poop to food,
Spreading  bitty piec-ies
Of contaminated feces

Summertime's for canning peas
And storing homemade jam,
Careful that you boil it well
And boil it again.

Cause botulism toxins can be neat
For smoothing out your face
But paralyzing and agonizing
in a central place.

So...wash your hands, cook that food,
Keep utensils clean
Food born bugs can be avoided, 
Now you know  what I mean...

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