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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Completely Incomplete

Completely  Incomplete 

Dear God, please see that I remain
Completely incomplete,
As any rose, that craves cool rain
In summer's blazing heat.

And though, to battle must I go
In armor, cold and   grey,
Please see, dear God that soft and kind 
And warm  my heart  remains

And though  I dare not  cry, in fright,
When lighting strikes, alone at night,
Please let my arms stand ready,
To bring  hope and strength and light  .

And please dear God, this  most of all,
-Though a fortress must stand fast and  tall-
Please, keep me gentle, keep me small
And  shine through me, to one and all.

Please let me stay as you intend
A graceful doe, until the end,
A women made with loving hands, 
To nurture  life, to bring forth man. 

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