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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Until we melt...

The rain pours down
In sheets of glass,
The street lights blend
Into a mass

Of colored spots
In  streams of light
All rolling  down
The rain drenched night.

And pooling in a puddle of
desires,  dreams,   and hopeless love.

And every drop that hits  the street,
increases the incessant beat,
Of hearts that pound with longing for
The chance to see the stars,once more.

And every splash against my roof,
Combines with this  sad  haunting  tune,
Of souls that howl to the moon,
In anguished need, that comes too soon.

And my wet heart is all soaked through,
With missing and resisting truth.

And wishing you were here with me,
To see the street as I do see.

And share with me this special night,
Drenched with magic, rain filled light.

If you were here I'd hold you tight
Until we melt and turn to white.

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