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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The price of a smile

What's the cost of one small smile

To chase away some clouds?

And how much is it worth to you,

To make the sun come out?

You never know what harsh cold  winds

Blow accross your neighbor's sky,

Or the loneliness that drowns him, 'till

You look into his  eyes.

And if you want to  understand,

How much your smile's  worth,

Just look at all the life that blooms

When  sun warms the cold brown earth.

And so much  beauty, life and joy,

Like flowers, beneath the snow,

Unfurls itself and stretches forth

With strength and faith and hope.

Likewise, one tiny smile  says

"Hey! I'm glad you're here.

I might not know you all that well,

Even so, I truly care."

One tiny smile's like a flame;

It doesn't take much light,

To  dissipate a world of  darkness,

When you're all  alone at night.

And your sweet  smile lights the world,

Yes, you alone can start,

A tidal  wave of hope and faith

When you smile from the  heart.

And the best part about smiling is

It doesn't cost a dime,

But enriches you,  tenfold and more

Each and every time.

So don't be stingy, don't hold back,

Share a smile each chance that  you get,

You may not know the life you've saved,

Or the heart that you've touched and you've blessed.

But one thing's for sure, you can hold me to this:

Your smile has the power to heal,
All  those dear, lonesome souls, who need kindness the most,

Or who can't even say how they feel.

But the one who is surely,

The first to be blessed

With the sunshine that comes from your smile,

Is yourself, my dear friend;

what you give's what you get,

So, give it all, without any regret!

(Your smile's the absolute  BEST!)

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