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Monday, May 16, 2011

Burning The Midnight Lamp

Each day I wait for night to come,

So I can be alone,

With missing you and wishing

That you'd come back to me soon.

All night I wait to hear the hinges

On our old back  door,

Singing out with sqeekful joy,

That you've come back once more.

And every night I light a lamp

And place it on my sill,

That if, by chance, you travel past,

You'll know I love you, still.


And know that I'm still waiting,

And my love still burns so bright;

With devotion is ever constant,

Like the stars that shine at night.

(And while love  might be hidden, now,

Like the stars in a cloudy sky,

I watch over  you from far away,

To see that  you're alright. )

And even if you never come,

 If you move to another city,

And  change your name to Farmer Bob,

 Harry Finkelstein, or Milly,

I'll still adore you, through and through,
And love you, jus  as you are,
And wait to hear your funny tales,
And about your amazing travels, far.

And here's one thing that you can count on,
If it takes a lifetime or more:

I'll keep my post, here, through  long  nights,
Singing  to the dark,
Sending my love  to the stars.
May it find you, where ever  you are.

Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Over the Rhone

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