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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Train That Never Came ( or Missing the 5:16)

Steve Hanks Waiting In The Rain

She was waiting at the sation
For the 5:16 to Denver,
How long had she been waiting?
No one there could quite remember.

She was waiting for the 5:16
To whisk her far away
To a city that she'd dreamed of
Half her life, or so they say.

He sent her once a post card
With a picture of the hills
And though years had passed already,
It was in her pocket, still.

The hills had been all  purple,
And the sky which was bright blue
Had faded into half tones 
And the postmark was worn through.

She stood there near the platform
In a bonnet that looked pink,
Trying to remember if
He'd  ordered her a drink.

And if it was a daquerie,
It's sometimes so hard to think....
Oh! She'll ask him to remind her,
When he meets the 5:16

( to be continued....)

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