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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pathagorian Problem ; How to Measure The Circumference of a Hug

You ask " why do you love me?"
I ask  " why do you care?"
You ask " why do you spend your time, wishing I were there?"
You wonder how it's possible
Perhaps I 'm just a nut
And my computations are the product
Of a random scatter plot.

Well, let me say just one small thing
As part of my defense:
I love you for all that which counts
And cuz your different!

No, it doesn't add up
When you tally one plus one,
But mathemetics of the heart
Turn cosine on it's bum.

You see, when calculating numbers with
The rules of heart plus heart                                                                 
There is a subatomic force
that supercedes a quark

And increases the ionic bond,
Squares the inverse of it's sum,
And makes two indivisibles
Become a perfect one!

First you round up all that's good
And kind and precious too
Then times that by the will to try
To teach me something new.

Divide that by the differences
Between you and your friend,
Subtract away the small mistakes,
Then add the dividend.

You'll see that you have multiplied
The force that binds all  things,
and keeps people together
Like the "K" force of a spring

And cancells out the inverse
Of irrational mistakes,
Flips negatives to positives
With exponential grace.

( With just one small "I'm sorry"
all unknowns become replaced.)

You see, the coefficient of relationships
Determines how much strength
You give life's unknown variables,
And that which stays the same.

In life there's always ups and down
And change makes people scared,
But the theory of relationships
Says love can't be compared

To any quantifiable
force that can be found,
It's simply inexplicable!
Yet makes the world go round.

So, this is how to measure
The circumference of a hug,
It's easier than pie r^2,
To solve it you just plug....

A natural progression,
(With statistical regression)
To the "y" of your reflection,
Then apply the whole expression
To the full f(x) of love.

It's not so enigmatic, then,
To diagram the ven of when
Two people come together and
The overlap begins.

It doesn't have to add up,
Or be mathematically sound.
"Cause  when your calculating love
Your heart knows just what counts!

Copyright  Lea Sternbach 2010. All rights reserved.

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