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Monday, April 11, 2011

Invisible Alice (or Down the Narcissitic Rabbit Hole)

Down The Rabbit Hole Salvador Dali 1996

Why oh why do I persist
Expecting you to care,
When all these years you tried so hard
To show me I'm not there?

And how I feel about things is
Irrelevant, at best;
Since all that counts is how well

Sheryl Hymphrey

I reflect your best  intent.

(And if my feelings don’t match yours,
And our  perception’s   differ
Then you protest, that   I must express,
That “I'm  probably not making sense.”

And  that these are just the feelings,
Which accompany false  meanings,
Which  I add ,without revealing,
To the story, It's like stealing! 
And these emotions that I’m feeling,
Are the  junk that is concealing
All that’s wisdom and the healing.
(But then why's  my poor head reeling.)
And when I protest and say:

Scott Gustafson

 “Hey! You’re you, I’m me!
I'm entitled to express my views, aren't I?
And to see things as I see.”
Then you agree completely,

 yes, I'm entitled to speak freely,
So long as I'm meticulous
To admit that I'm rediculous!
It’s alright for me to speak
If I agree whole heartedly
That my   bias  does require me

To have complete transparency.

You demand with great  indignity
That “transformation’s” all you ask of me,
And that to do this with fidelity,
I must with,  true consistency,
Rearrange the way I speak.  

With Landmark words you hurl,
Deconstructing my perceptions,
Like a steel robotic girl.
(Cause how I choose to express myself
Reinforces my false world.)
And when I cry, and sob in pain
And say “It really hurts!"
Your answer is reliable:
That’s not real, it's  just those words
I’m using to inaccurately,
Describe the things I think I see,
When, in sad reality,

Down the Rabbit Hole Perry Kahan

I’m trapped inside my own debris.

You say that I   “add meanings,”
And then mistake what I am feeling
For what’s real. You say I'm dreaming,
And I have no clue I’m dealing
With a set of made up meanings.

And it’s the bane of your existence,
My unbending, strange resistance,
That  I’m convinced of my perceptions;
But my life’s based on deception,
Which  I could, upon reflection,
See  the difference and connection,
Between what I'm designing,
And the world that I'm describing.

And you insist with bitter Kvetching:
If I only changed directions,
And relinquish misconception,
Then I'd stop all this insanity
That goes on for eternity,
And see things how they’re meant to be
(Which happens, incidentally,
To match your view of things , wowee! )

And I could, then, finally enter,
This great world that you’ve invented.
And you wouldn't have to find me
In this murky place I’m hiding
Where reality is twisted
And ....why are my eyes misted?

Um....why's my body shaking?
You say I'm "manipulating?"
Putting on a “show of outrage,”
Cause you won’t let me escape?

The story's never ending,
Cause no matter what is pending,
Your cruelty's unrelenting.
You insist that I’m pretending
That I'm barely understanding,’
And your job involves up-ending
These dark  lies that I'm defending.

And when I’ve had enough of this,
And hold out the branch of peace,
You see my image, like a dream,
And nothing that I say, or mean
Can penetrate; your heart’s asleep.

And so you hear your own angry words,
As if it's me, who's speaking,
Thereby justifying

Your counter-attack against my ( imaginary)  demons.

But while you’re busy protecting
Everything you hold as dear,
You miss the chance to notice
That you've caught me by the ear.

And you’re swinging me around the room
Trying to be safe,
Making sure to keep me from far from you,
(Lest I see your feet of clay.)

So here I am and here we are,
It's getting late my love,
It's time to end this sad affair
Though neither of us wants.
To be the one to say good bye,
To say we gave our best,
To say we ought to part ways now,
(I know I need a rest.)

Lewis Carol Mad Hatter's Party
And since I love you, and always have,
And I'm used to being wrong,
I'll be the one to speak for us:
I think this trip is done.

I love you and adore you,
But you drive me half past mad,
So, I'll bid adieu, and fare thee well,
Thanks for all the good that we had!

As they say, my dear, in a song I heard,
Real love doesn’t hurt this bad.
I’m on my way to a bright new  day,
Best of Luck to you,  dear lad!

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