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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pure as Gold

Pure as Gold

I love you so, dear precious one
With all my  heart and soul
And if you don't believe me that  
This love is pure as gold...  

I'll melt it down, and  weave it all 
Into a net so fine
To catch two snow white  turtle doves
As True as my heart is to thine

But if you yet believe me not
And proof my love still needs
I'll make the sand rush towards sea
With the strength that my soul longs for thee.  

And if there still remains some doubt
That my love springs eternaly new
I'll bring you to this  mountain stream,
Where  a million wildflowers bloom 
 Awakened from long winter's sleep
One by one, with  each prayer for you. 
 And if all this still doesn't prove 
That you're my  precious one,
To the angels I'll fly, on wings made of sighs  
And bring back a heavenly  song.

That I'll sing  as i rock you so gently  to sleep 
By the  sea amongst flowers and  doves. 
About  wishes and prayers and angels with wings...
About wanting and longing and love.     







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