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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Queen for a Day

If I were queen of the land  
for a day
I'd make all new rules 
about how things shall  be

Like everyone has to
Wear purple and green
And no one can eat  
Less than ten jellybeans

If I were the queen of the land for a day
I'd make up a rule about
What you can say 

Everything has to begin with
"I love you" 
And then you can say  
Just how much, and how true...

And every exchange 
Has to start with a hug
( If you break any rules
Then you have to kiss  bugs)

Chocolate will be 
The new food group on top
Of strawberry ice cream 
(Which is over cream pops)

And last on the list
Which no kid shall eat
Is asparagus quiche 
With stinky Swiss cheeses 

And everything salty
Like supersnacks and pocorn    
Is good for your teeth
And makes you grow strong
Fluffy poodles
Sniffable markers
And apple strudles

Swimming pools with giant slides
Cartwheel fields and horseback rides
Story books with villains and knights
Sunshine days  with azure skies

These are the things 
That I shall decree 
To be 
The primary  activity  
When I'm finaly queen  
And when i am queen
(And i surely shall be)  
Then I'll give you warm fuzzies 
If you  voted for me!

And I'll  have all my servants 
Plant a thousand small daisies
On the path to your house
(Though you might think it's crazy)

And outside your door
 I'd write out in lilly's  
I love you forever
(Please dont think I'm silly!)

And when I am  queen
Then I'll  make you be  king
Cuz with you by my side 
Its like peaches and cream!  
And all through the day 
We'll  laugh and we'll  play

While we write silly poems 
About Queens and their  Kings 
With   Zillions of lillies  
And green  jellybeans.  



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