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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

True compassion

(Excerpt from the upcoming book "Living in Love; Making Miracles" by L.S.) 

....It seems to me that being completely responsible is at the very heart of compassion. How else can we be an unstoppable wellspring of love, or the space in which others unspeakable beauty and perfection spontaneously occurs and shines brightly? 

And while It's nice to talk about loving Gods holy children and drawing them near, to do this on a practical level, requires choosing to to be miraculous, over and over again. Embracing another wholly, and loving them exactly as they are and as they are not. 

This is particularly true when it comes to our closest relationships. It's so easy to see how others are not behaving as they ought to, not being as wonderful as they should, evidenced by our continued lack of joy/love/happiness/fun/ intimacy/nachas/fulfillment/health/ affirmation/success in relationships/ chocolate covered Mars bars....whatever! 

And the more we want others to be different, unfortunately, the more they seem to stay the same. And as our frustration increases, so does our sense of helplessness and despair. "Why can't she just stop trying to change me? Why does she keep wanting me to be different than I am? When will she see and accept me for all my good qualities? Why do you always have to keep focusing on the negative?!!" 

This particular song goes very well as a duet, by the way, and can be amazing when it's sung in rounds. The tune is quite repetitive and has a contagious  rhythm. 

(To be continued...) 

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