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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Heaven And Hell

Heaven and Hell

It occurred to me this morning
As I trudged across the snow,
That heaven's not so far away
And Hell's a place I know.

Heaven's where I go at night
When I'm curled up and warm,
The world's asleep, it's quiet and
I climb inside a poem.

It doesn't matter who, or where
Or when the tale occurs,
What matters is that I'm transported
To a magic world.

Where who I am, and what I dream,
Flow freely, taking shape,
And come life, in color
 On a far, enchanted page.

And all the love that's in my heart,
The playful fun things too,
Become as real as how I feel
Whenever  I'm with you.

And even if I cannot stay 
Where rainbow dreams come true,
My heart still beats
When 'er I  read
About a sky so blue,
And dream of gazing in stream, 
So clear and cool and deep. 

Beneath majestic, sweeping clouds,
That crown great mountain tops,
Where two dear, Snow White turtle doves
Sing softly, of their love.

And in the emerald valley 
That rolls gently, far bellow, 
One thousand  brilliant butterflies 
Dance gently, to and fro. 

Over a sea of wildflowers, 
Decked in colored crowns, 
Reflecting sunlight's golden rays
Like jewels upon the ground.

And everything that's beautiful;
Kindness, hope and peace
Fill the world until there's 
No place  left for pride, or grief.

Here's where I can freely be 
 Just who I am, inside,
An endless spring of happiness,
A spirit soaring high!

Heaven's where my soul exists,
But Hell is where I'm living,
And I can't seem to find my way
Back to the beginning.

Back to when it was so clear
The best gifts come  from giving.
And hell turns into heaven when
We let out heart start living. 

And so I'm back to writing rhymes,
About my favorite place and time,
And dreaming of the heaven that
I find inside a rhyme. 

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