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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Me in You

The Me in You 

Do you know how blessed you are 
To have been adored, 
By one who's heart returns to yours  
Like the oceans, to the shore?  

And treasured, as you are, today 
And as you dream to be, 
As bright and clear and hopeful,  
As the sunrise, on the sea. 

How precious, to be honored by 
A girl, moved by your broken sighs; 
Like weathered stones, relentless time's 
Perfected with the tide.

And if you're  blessed to love someone, 
As constantly as  I 
You'll know my love endures until  
The stars burn from the sky.

And I shall then, spend starless nights,
Wishing you were here,
While in my heart I hold you close, 
And whisper in your ear:

If you know I love you, dear,
I'll know you love me too,
'Cause deep inside my inner heart 
Resides a gem called "you."

And just as waters mirror
What a man can never hide,
The heart of one who loves his friend,
Sees what's concealed, inside. 

Those truths, that travel on the wind, 
That whispered hearts confide; 
Oaths vowed, that naught in heaven, 
Nor on earth, shall them divide.

So, if you wonder whether,  
This sweet song I sing is true, 
Just look inside those deep, blue eyes...
And ask the me in you.

I guarantee, 
That you shall see, 
I love you more  
As you love me. 

Until way past eternity, 

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