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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Small that Holds a Bunch


What is this unspeakable
Unstoppable unending well of tears?
Wherefrom does it come
And how did it begin?

Who can know the depth of sorrow
That Can be contained
In one small pint sized little girl
How is it explained?

That She can look to others
Like an ordinary girl
But in her heart she carries
An entire huge big world.

A world that's filled with magic,
And Hopes and prayers and dreams,
Wonders she's created
That no man's ever seen.

And how can it be possible
For someone small like her
To hold inside an ocean full
Of heartbreak, loss and tears.

Or to store a mountain's worth
Of giggles, laughs and more
You'll chuckle till you hold your sides
And both your cheeks are sore!

And you beg her "please! Have mercy!
Don't do THAT anymore!!
If You make me laugh like this again
I'll roll right out the door!"

And who can calculate the rate
At which her love increases
Shell love you some and then alot
And then she'll love u to pieces!

Her love starts out at twenty
Then it jumps to ninety nine
And 'for you know what's happening
It's doubled fifty times!

Untill it fills a planet's worth
Of love-mass, so condensed
That were it to increase a bit...
It would collapse upon itself

And nothing could escape that love
Just like a big black hole
And everything you do, or say,
Just makes her love you more!

And how can one small tiny girl
Imagine so much grace
That all colors in all the world
Aren't enough to paint

The beauty and the magic
All the tiny little curves
That fill her with such wonder
She can hardly speak a word

And every sunset, every time,
Still takes her breath away
And one small kiss can warm her for
A thousand wintery days.

It's impossible to figure out
Just where her faith is stored;
No matter how her troubles grow,
Her faith grows even more.

Don't even try to quantify
The force that holds her dreams
when life say " Just give up. You can't!"
She balls her fists and screams:

"I can, I can, just look at me,
I'm stronger than you know, you'll see
That while I'm not that big, in size
I'm really ten feet tall inside!"

And at night, sometimes she can't imagine
How she'll face tomorrow,
When she's nearly reached the breaking point
Of heartbreak, grief and sorrow.

Or how she'll face another day,
When she can barely stand,
Or try ,once more, to try again,
Building castles in the sand.

But slowly, surely, every time
The sun climbs in the sky
She finds her strength renewed again,
And hope and faith, likewise.

As I said in the begining
Don't try to understandt
How something small can hold so much
It never will make sense.

But if you still are puzzled,
And need to understand
Just ask your heart what does it feel
When you take her hand?

A universe that has no words
A thousand shooting stars
A meadowful of sunshine
And a warmth that fills your heart.

You touch upon the meaning
Of the reason you exist
And once again you start believing
In your secret wish.

And you find again, the certainty
That life is more than what you see;
That you can climb mount everest
And pass the hardest dreaded test

You can conquer the monster of Lock Ness;
Dive down to the deep sea floor
And Recover a hidden
treasure chest,

Then soar up to a mountain cleft
To rescue a baby eagle
That's fallen from it's nest

You can Ride a rainbow accross the sky
To the land of butterflys
And wake up in the morning,
feeling blessed to be alive

When you're with her, you remember
Who you are inside,
A wonderous, miraculous being
With treasures that sparkle and shine.

'Cause she's a magical being
From a faraway magical world.
And now you know the secret
Of this strange unusual girl.

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