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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cherry Bury Boom

When I die please bury me
Beneath a flowering cherry tree
And I shall blossom with the spring
And scatter my loveliness, free.

When I die, weep not for me
For I shall fine'ly be free
My spirit soaring through the sky
Over mountains and 'cross blue seas.

And when it's time to say good bye,
Please know I loved you so,
And keep me in your heart so warm
Where my spirit can live and grow.
And in the springtime, every year,
When white gives way to green
You'll sit beneath that cherry tree
As I shower you with pink.
You'll close your eyes and run your hands
along the petal covered deep,
And in that soft, pink fragerant bed
You'll lay your head to sleep.

And in your dreams you'll hear my laughter
Ringing through the world
And you shall remember, then,
This sad, dear, joyful girl.

I loved you so, please don't forget
Despite the ice and rain,
And though I may be cold and gray
Each spring I'll bloom again.

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