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Friday, January 21, 2011


A pair-a-ducks

I wish your heart were big enough
To hold the paradox,
That love can burn in icy hell,
And water can cut rocks.

I know it's hard to wrap your brain
Around such truths that don’t make sense,
Like the logic of insanity
From crazed intelligence..

Were creatures who scream:
“Go away! Come close and see my pain!"
We hate the way things have to be
Far less than we hate change.

We sing about our solitude,
The world knows were alone.
We salve our soul with poison,
Beat our bleeding heart of stone

And when we find the one who makes
Our full heart burst
With anguished need

We wrap ourselves around them
So darnn tight they cannot breathe.

And then we say “I love you,
Do you have to run, Elise?"
While packing up her underwear
Into a small valise.

Have you never loved to death
Someone you can't stop wanting,
Yet when you're with them, you forget
That love does not mean fighting?

You’re dreaming of her day and night,
She’s always in your heart,
Yet when she’s finally close at hand
You split her world apart.

And all the words you whispered to her
In the still of night,
Choke inside your trembling heart
And nothing comes out right.

And even when you flash upon
The oneness of all things,
You fixate on the details
Till your ears begin to ring;

And then you can’t remember
All the things that you forgot,
And repeat to yourself endlessly
That which matters not.

And in the end you find yourself
Just where you began,
And find that you’ve lost so much more
Than you ever had.

And all your words are emptiness,
Your screams cannot be heard.
And all your efforts drag you back
Down to the hungry earth.

And you wake up and it’s yesterday,
And Your New York Times is old,
And you're chewing the same cornflakes,
Did you even wash the bowl?

One moment holds eternity,
Stop looking and you'll see,
That all you have is what you give,
Submission sets you free.

If only you'd stop listening,
You'd hear my silent scream,
If you looked into my eyes you’d see
The space that holds your dream.

Stop trying to try stopping,
And you'll start to see the end,
Of the prison you've created
With you desperate attempts.

To change what is unchangeable,
To turn the tide around,
To stop the robin's singing
'cause you cannot bear the sound.

Of your wild heart that’s pounding,
As you take the garbage out,
And you wonder if you're really here
Cuz all you know is doubt.

And every reassurance
Multiplies uncertainty,
And so you throw your treasures out
And hoard your poverty.

As you bring inside the garbage cans,
Making sure they're all still full,
Then take your safe deposit box
And put it on the curb.

And wonder why all that you have
Leaves you empty more and more,
And what you fill you heart with
Leaves you hollow to the core.

And makes it so you go in circles,
Loosing what you found,
Only to begin again
Going round and round.

Until you can't remember
Which way’s up and which way's down,
And your sense of misdirection
Is increasingly profound.

And you start having second thoughts
'bout what you doubt is true,
And your brain begins transforming
'Till you're not quite sure you're you,

And if you even had a name
That everyone misspells,
And why you thought its heaven
When you knew it’s really hell.

And beg with final ragged breath:
"Please save me, kill me now!
I'd rather die in your embrace
Than live my life without."

And in the dark you scream your guts
In exquisite agony,
Seeking sweet salvation
In the arms of your defeat.

And tenderly you grab me,
Push me hard with biting need,
Beseeching my resistance
With uncompromising greed;

To feel my power matching yours,
Locked in mortal dance,
When blades clash hard, your spirit soars
In the victory of romance.

And in your dreams you find me,
And I’m Begging on my knees,
And you draw me close and kiss me
And you whisper to me "please!"

Take your hand and kiss it,
Tell you everything’s all alright,
Keep the sun from setting
‘Cause you’re terrified of night.

As you claw my skin
And dig within
And turn me inside out,

Searching for
Your car keys
Cause you need them to get out.

But if you’re dying, and need release
From this Conundrum you call home,
Them Jump across the checkerboard
Of all the things you know

You sense that there’s a greater truth
Than all the lies you’ve heard
A perfect note to harmonize
The cacophony of words

Those words that cannot possibly
Express with pure simplicity
The depth of your complexity
Or what it means to simply be
A mortal being
Touched with infinity

And all I pray is that you be
Released from your captivity

Please take my hand
And hold my heart
And let your soul touch mine

And in a flash you’ll understand
That which transcends space and time
Yet takes less than a moment
And is smaller than a dime

It's huge and quite magnificent
Yet fits like a silken glove
It's the mystery of oneness
In the paradox of love.

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